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Custom Made Scraper Blades

At JB AG Supplies, we offer the highest quality on custom made scraper blades. We have become a top trusted reseller of custom scraper blades in the Coachella Valley.


Agriculture is a major part of California’s economy and the country as a whole. JB AG Supplies provides a range of custom scrap blades for the golf courses, ranches, farms and agriculture and food processing industry located Southern California Coachella Valley, at JB AG Supplies our focus is to provide the highest quality and largest selection of scrape blades including:
Blades: Flat, Curved, & Serrated, Teeth & Adapters, Bucket Cutting Edges, Dozer Blades, Edges, & End Bits, Excavator & Backhoe Teeth, Ripper Shanks & Teeth, Attachments & Buckets, Moldboards & Base Edges, Bucket Roll Plates, Scarifier Shanks & Teeth, Wear Shrouds & Guards, Routers & Wear Plate, Hardware, Keepers, & Locks, Specialized Wear Parts.

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