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TeeJet Sprayer Parts

At JB AG Supplies, we care for the quality of products we offer, for the same reason we make sure we only supply the best brands such as TeeJet.


Broadcast Spray Nozzles
Nozzles used for typical broadcast applications using a boom type sprayer. These nozzles normally have tapered flat spray patterns that overlap one another along the boom structure.

Boomless Spray Nozzles
Nozzles used for applications where a typical boom structure is not used. These nozzles normally produce very wide spray patterns.

Banding Spray Nozzles
Nozzles used for applications where specific area or band requirements are needed. These nozzles normally have even spray patterns.

Specialty Nozzles
Nozzles typically used in different types of applications; such as orchard and vineyard spraying. These nozzles are normally rated to be used at higher spraying pressures.

Fertilizer Spray Nozzles
Nozzles typically used in the application of liquid fertilizer. These nozzles normally produce solid stream patterns.

Tank Rinsing Nozzles
Nozzles typically used for rinsing and/or cleaning tanks or cans. These nozzles normally produce circular spray patterns.

Boom Components
Selection of products typically installed on booms or other structures to house and hold nozzles in place. These products range from nozzle bodies and caps to clamps and other various fittings.

Valves and Manifolds
Selection of products typically used as liquid control or on/off devices for sprayers. These products range from solenoid to ball type and are available in manual or electric actuators.

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